10 SEXY "Older Guy" Traits Younger Women LOVE! Learn How Older Men Attract Younger Women

10 SEXY “Older Guy” Traits Younger Women LOVE! Learn How Older Men Attract Younger Women

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Older men dating younger women, what’s the deal? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing what it is that attracts younger women to older men? The traits that are typical of older guys that women find attractive and desirable in a relationship.

Hey, have you ever heard the saying that love knows no bounds. It means that love has no boundaries, no distance and also no reason. Basically, we can’t help who we fall in love with. It just kind of overwhelms us and it just happens, especially when it does come to age. Although age is really just a number but it’s still slightly taboo in our society for a woman to date an older man and it’s actually very common.

Some of the most famous people in the world are a lot older than their spouses like Madonna who’s 62 who is dating her guy who’s 27 or Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds who have 25 years between them and many women do like to date older guys, they are just naturally attracted to them and prefer to spend a lot of their time with them as opposed to the younger guys. And in today’s video we are going to learn about 10 older guy traits that young women find very sexy. So are you ready to dive in? My name’s anna stay tuned

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Older men dating younger women, attractive traits
1:07 They are more mature
2:09 Far more experience
2:50 Searching for a daddy
3:30 They know what they want
4:06 They are mysterious
4:52 They are understanding
5:37 They want to commit
6:22 They have more money
7:09 He helps around the house
7:55 They treat women well

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49 thoughts on “10 SEXY “Older Guy” Traits Younger Women LOVE! Learn How Older Men Attract Younger Women”

  1. Avatar of K Junior

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are 11 years apart. Not 25. In another video you mentioned, men's brain fully develop at 45. They develop at 25. Numbers are wrong on this channel. 🤦‍♂️

  2. Avatar of chxwv

    Wish you would mention number , what age of the man we are talking about , as I’m not sure if you are talking about late 50s or 60s ?

  3. Avatar of Greenjay

    At 53 I'd be a much better catch than I would have been in my youth. I've fell head over heels with a younger lady at work, it's a long shot but I'm hoping she will see the benefits of an older man. We get on wel, I sense she might be interested but I fear she would view me as too old for her besides anything else. Time will tell I suppose.

  4. Avatar of Lukey boy

    Older men attract women with their wallet, House and security. Younger women get used up for their looks once that goes good chance she gets replaced with something better.

  5. Avatar of Mountain Man

    Yeah, funny I watch this….and then scroll through the comments…
    I jus got done dating a woman…..
    Found out she was married
    Her husband is 67 years old
    She is 43 years old….
    I was banging that girl like you wouldn’t believe
    This old hubby (which I didn’t know she was married until yesterday) lived in a different house
    They didn’t have sex….they had no kids
    The woman at 43 years old took care of herself and she was tight like a virgin….I took care of her very well
    Until I was at her house cooking some dinner and all of the sudden this guy comes in and says “who the fuc are you”….I looked over and said curiously “uhh who the hell are you”??
    He said “I’m her husband”…..he tried to hit me with a golf club….that didn’t work, he ended up on the floor quick…!!
    I turned the stove on high to burn the food, looked at her and said “you didn’t tell me you were married”….and I left
    Deleted and blocked her
    I have that golf club in my garage..!!
    You think they are innocent being so young
    Until you see what’s on their phones
    No mention of your old ass in her social media accounts..!!! That’s a big red flag..!!
    I’m 3 years younger than that guys wife….
    All I know is….she is no longer at that house and he’s gone too….
    Not my problem..!!!

  6. Avatar of Helderberg Aircon

    Being older and more mature now, can only agree with the content.
    Lots of insightful information and wisdom.
    The stability of older men is a perfect platform of security the younger woman need to feel safe and build her life

  7. Avatar of Martin Torres

    Wow I was very much surprised because you was exactly describing me as though you knew me that is very funny LOL I seem like you have older men pat down you already know how we are and you're still correct we do like to please a woman and we know how to treat a woman you're so right ❗ now if I can just find a woman that doesn't play any games God knows I lost a lot of money when I was on Facebook looking for a woman that's why I stay off of Facebook..

  8. Avatar of Rick Bailey

    I have found from experience in life that "love truly is blind." Beautiful women are purely an "eye magnet" for men. That is their visual power over men. The power men have over women is financial status, high degree of intelligence, respect amongst peers and of course great looks. Women who do NOT have great looks, are very heavyset, not very bright and men who are broke or bankrupt, ex-cons, dumb, not respected by those around him and is rather ugly, well these folks have to try that much harder just to attract the opposite sex. That's the law of the jungle…at least here in the states.

  9. Avatar of Joe Machine

    my grandparents had such an age gap that my grandfather was born in the 1870s before the light bulb and shortly after slavery. When I tell people this they initially think I said "great grandfather" and I have to emphasize "no… I'm saying my mom's dad… my grandfather!" lol. On top of that I look pretty young for my age so they are shocked.

  10. Avatar of wraith3845

    But what does that younger woman have to offer ? Older men are less likely to date younger women who don't have anything to offer because the kitty isn't worth the problems

  11. Avatar of PLASTIC-MAC -

    Oh man, seriously? An older man loves to help around the house with the laundry etc?
    All a guy has to do is show his bank account statement then he's either IN or GAME OVER!

  12. Avatar of guitta Dabe

    Nowadays older men have had enough experience in life to NOT want to get married! I'm one of them! Just retired at age 51, and it's so wonderful to be able to do anything I want to do with my friends (or on my own), at any time, and for as long as I want! I love the company of the ladies in my fun adventures, but on my terms. And until the laws of divorce and of "guys are automatically judged guilty after only 1 accusation" are changed (I'm not holding my breath), I'm not ever considering a long term relationship. MGTOW was the best discovery for me BEFORE it was too late!

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