7 True Psycho Stalker Horror Stories

7 True Psycho Stalker Horror Stories

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You may think that it’s easy to avoid becoming the next victim of a creepy stalker, but it’s not. They can easily find your personal information online, show up at your house or work, or even hack into your social media accounts and use it against you. It’s important to be aware of these dangers and take precautions when possible.
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1:16 Why Aren’t You Online? – thenightbattles:
7:38 The Stalker Neighbor – Unknown
9:51 From Stalking To Verbal Abuse – singularpotato:
13:03 Internet Pen Pals – hydebehindchainsaws:
15:53 The Buddhist Creep – throwaway9away:
18:11 The Older Guy – fierce_princess:
20:20 Footprints In The Snow – Unknown

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  1. Avatar of S Stritmatter

    When I was young (30+ years ago) I was a stalker of 2-3 different women. I would classify myself as an obsessive stalker whereby a woman took an interest in me as a friend or more than friend and I was obsessive about the relationship. I knew it was wrong, but like I couldn't overcome it, perhaps immaturity mixed with a personality issue I wasn't aware of. Still, I KNEW this was wrong, and I think most stalkers do. I was not the type to want to harm or hurt them for this, just somehow gave me a high (?) – perhaps helping live with the fantasy of being with them but not at the same time. Anyway, I did stop this and if I could go back in time I would change that. Some of the women knew they were being stalked, some did not but either way it is wrong. Through life I learned I created this obsession and that mixed with anxious-attachment style created a bad recipe. I self diagnosed this, so may not be professional but I am quite certain I am right because I know me and I was honest about this to myself and researched it a lot. I wanted to be normal and eventually became that through self-help. Get help if this is you and figure out why and stop doing it. It's wrong, illegal, creepy – you will lose respect of family, friends and community not to mention making the victim's life hell.

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