A Love Letter to Human Potential with Kate Robinson

A Love Letter to Human Potential with Kate Robinson

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Kate Robinson is a writer, speaker, and co- founder of a number of initiatives dedicated to the legacy of her father, Sir Ken Robinson. On the show, Kate shares some backstory on her father’s life, and the journey that led to her completing his final piece of work. In Sir Ken and Kate’s perspectives, there are 3 myths regarding creativity that hinder our advancement as a collective. 

* Creativity is about a certain group of people, “the creatives”
* Creativity is about certain things/subjects (music, writing, art, dance, etc)
* You’re either creative or you’re not 

The truth is, creativity lives in each of us, it is a muscle that can be trained and strengthened, and there is space for creativity in every activity. Sir Ken and Kate define creativity as “the process of having original ideas that have value.” It is an ongoing process of idea creation and evaluation, and it can be applied to anything. 

True change comes from those who dare to imagine. Creativity comes from within, and progress comes from diversity of thought. Identify your passion, tap into your creativity, and encourage others to do the same. 


0:00 Introducing Kate Robinson
1:19 Chase Jarvis LIVE Intro
1:35 Kate and Her Father, Sir Ken Robinson
2:42 What do you stand for and what are your values?
7:51 Definition of Creativity
10:50 Questioning Your Creativity
12:13 3 Myths Around Creativity
15:28 How Education Squashes Creativity
23:28 Awareness for Lack of Creativity in Education
26:22 The Messed-Up Education System
32:38 The Creative Process of “Imagine If”
40:20 Can you talk about your choice to write this book in your father’s voice?
44:38 Is there a roadmap you can give us?
47:29 How to Find Your Element
51:19 Wrap Up & Where to Learn More
53:44 Outro


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