Baujes Etson 2015 - 3/27/15

Baujes Etson 2015 – 3/27/15

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This week Bobby and Sherry visit the small village of Madam Baujes to share food with the poor children. Many children arrive from surrounding villages and a small crowd of children gathers looking for a hot meal. Bobby and Sherry and the team prepare a large meal and feed all the children. We learn the story of Etson, a poor child who searches through the local garbage piles to find scraps of food to eat. We also hear the story of Ismalda, the little girl who is thankful for a small handful of beans to feed her family.

Ismalda and Etson are only two of the thousands of children starving every day in the country of Haiti. When you sponsor a child ($24/month), or buy a box of food (only $8), you are giving children in Haiti the gift of life. What is your heart telling you to give today?

A gift of $24 will buy three families food for an entire month. A gift of only $8 will give one family enough food for one month, 216 meals!

Call now 1-800-645-4868 or go online to and help the suffering children and starving families of Haiti. God bless you!

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