California Girl

California Girl

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California Girl

Endless summer continues here in Bondi with 30 – 35 degree days and 7 day forecast predicting continuous blue skies and sun. The surf has re-appeared so I was down in Bronte a couple of days ago taking shots. As it was so hot I went for a dip in the pool afterwards and it was beautifully quiet and the water still warm.

I noticed this girl walking up and down the pathway around the pool and constantly looking out to sea at the big surf. Normally people on this pathway are very still or relaxing but I noticed a certain tension in her movements. I started chatting to her and she told me was studying here in Sydney but was from Santa Cruz in California. She told me her boyfriend was visiting her and he was out surfing on his last day of his visit to see her.

The surf at Bronte usually only attracts local as it can be a bit treacherous. For example they call the main wave ‘Bunny’ as you have to jump on and them jump off quickly before it hits the rock surrounding the pool and the swimming hole.

I took a few shots of her and I feel this shot conveyed her feelings of concern for and watching out for her boyfriend in dangerous surf combined with some sadness that he was leaving the next day.

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