Colombian Woman Interview (Use Spanish Subtitles For English): A Man Dating Her Must Earn HOW MUCH?

Colombian Woman Interview (Use Spanish Subtitles For English): A Man Dating Her Must Earn HOW MUCH?

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In Saiyan Chan’s first ever interview with a Colombian girl that speaks only Spanish, learn about the less tourist friendly cities of Cali and Popayan. What does she think of foreign men and how much would that man need to earn for them to have a good life together in Colombia? Learn all this plus more in this episode!

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48 thoughts on “Colombian Woman Interview (Use Spanish Subtitles For English): A Man Dating Her Must Earn HOW MUCH?”

  1. Avatar of Yo Lo

    You really need to tailor your questions to your interviewees knowledge. These women are not going to give you a dissertation on economics. Rather you should ask them why are so many Colombian impregnated and will willing to go with a bum and a jobless man.

  2. Avatar of Anónimo

    Nope, my dear passport brothers, as the son of a mexican woman and a colombian father, who lives in mexico and that have visited colombia, let me tell you, don't fall for latinas, please don't be naive, they are NOT traditional anymore, we have rampant promiscuity over here, you'd be cheated on 100%, specially in Cali and Medellin, they are not that different from your women, the only advantadge that you might have is your money, but that's it, feminist cancer is already all over the place, maybe you might have a chance looking for a woman in southeast asia, but I'm not that sure anymore, maybe it's already f up over there aswell, be wise my brothers and take care.

  3. Avatar of Scisca

    The diversity of women you interview is impressive. And they all are hot, even if I wouldn't want to date all of them. Great job! You could also ask them how they spend their time there, what are the hobbies of the local people.

  4. Avatar of Nate C.

    Great interview Saiyan. Cali is definitely on my list of places to visit when I move to Colombia, along with Chocó in the North. It was a town built by escaped Slaves during the late 1700/1800.

  5. Avatar of Gee Ianna

    Surprised that you couldn't or wouldn't speak in Spanish and subtitle the whole interview.
    You constantly go on about learning the language!
    Tienes que actuar lo que enseñas con una mujer que no habla inglés.

  6. Avatar of Aphroone Richardson

    Senorita Leydi Castillo is the twin sister of Serena Williams of America! WOW! I'm also now coming to Cali, Co to study Spanish, Salsa-Batcha, learn the culture and now to locate Senorita Leydi Castillo to create a COURTSHIP with her! WOW! AMEN-RA!

  7. Avatar of Cyro Lacorte

    Her way of thinking reminds me of my Colombian girlfriend. Young but very mature, intelligent and they know exactly what they are looking for. Once you start dating Colombian women, you will never go back to American women.

  8. Avatar of Raymond Jackson

    Thanks Saiyan,
    Another very beautiful young lady.
    And a great interview.
    I didn’t catch her age though, or her cut off age for men she would date.
    Trying to translate some of the points you skipped in English. I’m thinking she 22 yrs old?

  9. Avatar of Victory Asher

    Saiyan Chan, this woman is absolutely gorgeous! BUT…a red flag for me (personally) would be: If she is not working and doesn't really prefer cooking, what prioritizes her/her day (what is her daily routine)? On the flipside, this was an excellent interview (once again of course). The Asian Godfather at his best!

  10. Avatar of Lepetit Japonais

    See how reasonable her numbers are Sayain? Unlike those westernized wanna be you've had recently talking about $5,000 per month. I'd say $2,000 to $2,500 per month and you'll be really good in Colombia 🇨🇴 👍

  11. Avatar of JadenWSOP

    Nice format. I enjoy it quite a lot. I know she speaks slowly and clearly for the interview but I understand most of it after 5 weeks of group classes for Spanish

  12. Avatar of Othieno Burton

    Likes the change in style with Spanish responses.Could you touch on planning dates I n Cali where to go etc some men might feel apart from dancing Cali would get boring

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