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    Eve Ensler delivers potent truths that like lightening, invoke awakening & realisation…'In the spirit of the warrior these people have gone to the centre, to the heart of the pain and allowed the poison to turn into medicine'….they have used the pain as fuel and energy for positive action. The wisdom of experience, driving curiosity and courageous truth seeking and telling. She is an absolutely remarkable woman

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    she sounds like a buddhist…a mindful society develops inner security through cultivation of mind's potential to liberate itself by development of wisdom, compassion and deep understanding of interdependence. Honoring women and keeping them safe/unviolated will be equal to preserving life itself in the planet…well said Eve! 

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    "security" and "insecurity", "man" and "woman", these are just concepts in order to discribe and simplify our collective experiences and preceptions. They are not a reliable basis upon which one can save the world. We better think of ourselves as individuals with individual skills, problems and needs, regardless man or woman. Then it becomes very clear, that each of us should better reflect and solve his/her own problems and then have good relationships with the people of our everyday life instead of making others just extras in our ego-driven helper syndrom.  

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    I'm quite curious as to why you think so. She's obviously a strong, independent woman (in your words, masculine even). I think her obsession with vaginas highlight more of her desire to heal from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father when she was young.

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    I don't think she will deny these aren't issues for everybody. Just that as a feminist and activist for female rights, this particular talk and her entire career actually, are focused on women's issues.

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    what the fuck is this. sounds a bit like an absurd, totally unscientific assumption. go forth, young man, and read a god damn sociology 101 text book. ryan seems like he might have one you can borrow. looks like he's learned a lot from it.

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    There's nothing about the vagina that is innately femme.
    Masculine and feminine are learnt associations, and she herself attests to this. Outside of that, her portrayal is quite feminine to me personally, so it just goes to show how subjective the view of that dichotomy is and why it relaly is irrelevant. Why she does what she does really is for her to know and no one else to really ever figure out.

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    Fuck that, when I worked in Iraq, I didn't leave without making sure I had the the best security that could be given. I'm libertarian, which is a pretty atypical for a political view. But security over freedom any day. If the world was like Iraq and there was a prison that offered security, people would kill each over to get in,

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    I'm astounded at how many misunderstood what she's saying, which is very true. We as a race do horrible things to maintain this false security. I now think about this all the time and see it everywhere too, and I hope that I never start clinging to the idea of security that much. Very insightful talk.

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    i find it funny how she talks negatively about identifying with something and taking on that role, when i'm biracial and can't identify with anything so i WISH i could be that way. take it from me, appreciate your identity.

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    A few hours ago I saw her in the documentary film, America the Beautiful, where she offers her thoughts on how the beauty industry affects young girls and whatnot…her last scene where she admits a moment of her life with a woman from a very different culture from ours, from an African-American tribe made me really, really interested in her. And what the heck, why succubus? That's not what she is, that's Zahia Dehar…lol.

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    @hDMIratioNz i do understand, i just say things like that to get responses. sorry if i upset you. eve is a pretty positive person, and she does give an interesting perspective on women and the masculine culture. makes you give greater consideration to cultural givens that you never really noticed or picked up on.

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    @Joesexy424 I don't think that you understand what this woman's work represents on cultural and historical sale, so I thought I would respond in language you could understand. I think that you are subconsciously rooted in culture of the last millennium, and that you should study a bit of history and go to see a psychologist. That's all. ( while I do some anger management.)

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    @Marlenefoxschwartz LOL, ur a nice example how women even fail when it comes to psychology. And besides, my girlfriend is most certainly not 12 years old, I don`t like my biatches having teeth n shit.

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    This might be shocking news, but not all women see it as their main objective in life to appear attractive to all types of men.

    And when I get called "manly" I personally take it as a compliment. Not because I do not value my femininity, but because those machismo losers, who try to insult a women that way, show that they need the admiration of weak, dumb, dependent women to feel manly. By calling me "manly" they confirm that I am not that kind of woman.

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    @Marlenefoxschwartz men don`t find strong women intimidating, just manly and unatractive. Oh and you got really good spelling there, you must be one of those strong, achieving women I hear so much about.

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    @gserlenga You are the one getting personal without provocation, maybe you need a little more feminist reeducation, to get that kind of hatred towards your fellow men out of your system.

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    Dude. If I got raped and got pregnant, HELL no would I not get an abortion. First of all, it's MY body and you said "they are ONE with the woman" so I should be able to do whatever the hell I want with MY body. The only thing I would limit on abortion is if it wasn't because of rape. Rape to me is the only valid reason to get an abortion.

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    A fetus at a certain point isn't a "mindless lump of cells" it's been proven that fetuses have had reactions to "real world" things. I agree with you on pretty much everything else though.

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    We are ALL human. All girls are WOMEN. All boys are MEN. All of us are HUMAN. But within those things, we are not all the same, as individual human beings. Hence the word INDIVIDUAL.

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    Why must people categorize such a diverse group of people into one damn statement? ALL girls do NOT like assholes. ALL girls do NOT like respectable men. ALL girls are NOT the same! Get over it! People need to realize that by generalizing they are hurting not only themselves but others. You're telling girls that we're all doomed to like assholes. NOT TRUE.

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    @mellamosean 99% agree.
    1% disagreement on the gender equality, I think that it's a fallacy and part of the radical reaction of their historic oppression. In practice the "gender equality" is attempted by the masculinization of the females. I think that instead of pursuing gender equality we should try to discover gender complementation. We, men and women, are different. We both have our inherent strength and weaknesses. A harmonious relationship is healthier than a power struggle for dominance

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    @lovingirl103 Wow, it is a 2 months old threadm, I had to find my original post to remember it. Yeah, I buy that argument. "Vagina Warriors", seriously? Yeah, it works , it is impacting in traditionally patriarchal/retrograde cultures to shake them up.
    But I think it is sad that we still have to talk about women/sex to "connect" with men, and about vaginas to "connect" with women. I wish we could all connect by just being humans by true empathy, not conditioned by our sex.

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