IAG Challenge - Minh Nguyen

IAG Challenge – Minh Nguyen

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This is my response for IAG Digital Lab Graduate Challenge. My idea is to implement a mobile app that provides taxi services for drunk people.
The app works as follow:
– Before entering a party, if the user feels that he is going to be drunk, he switches to ‘Party Mode’ in the app. This will send notification to registered taxi service. It also requires user to give estimated time for the party to finish so that the cab will arrive without making the user wait. The taxi service uses GPS to get location of the user.
– The app when in ‘Party Mode’ constantly monitor user’s texts and calls to detect unusual behaviour (drunk texts or calls). If this is detected, the taxi service will immediately send a cab to escort the user home safely.
The app requires user’s acceptance terms and conditions and has register with local taxi services.

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