17 thoughts on “La Crescenta Protests”

  1. Avatar of joshkibshima

    the assault weapons ban was lifted go buy a gun and protect yourself cause the police wont arrive in time while you're being tickled in your pickle or crevice tips hat ma'am lmao XD

  2. Avatar of Barbara Dellis

    My neighborhood received letters from the local PD advising a sex offender was moving into the area, and of course, his home is four homes away from an elementary school. What is wrong with this picture.

  3. Avatar of Solo Luis Vlogs

    We have worse crimes than this like all the shooting in your neighborhood. The guy did his time and most sex offenders don’t reoffend. The crazy people with guns you should be worried about. God forgives you for your sins remember we are all sinners.

  4. Avatar of Anthony

    Well if he dresses in women's lingerie and twerks in front of the kiddos at the library calling it Story Hour, well then it will be okay. Heck even CBS promotes this behavior.

  5. Avatar of Jim

    Interesting how they always just happen to place these perverts in the more conservative areas isn't it? They dumped plenty in Palmdale and every one was near public schools. Still think these communist democrats are good for our state?

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