Learning Life Lessons While Working For A Gay Escort Service

Learning Life Lessons While Working For A Gay Escort Service

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His first job out of college was working in the office of a gay escort service in Washington, D.C. It was there that he learned important lessons about community, kindness and empathy.

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44 thoughts on “Learning Life Lessons While Working For A Gay Escort Service”

  1. Avatar of 若月裕二

    I think that sex worker is the most crucial job to do especially if you are male sex worker. Are cliants wanting sex out there ? No. That is the answer I found out about what you do as a sex worker. Just one out of hundred people is really looking for pleasuer of sex right ? Especially if you are kid and that is everybody's biggest concern. I am quite under same situation now. I am my boyfriend's sex cliant. And that is to say that we are officially dating publically and openly.

  2. Avatar of Jennifer J

    Where are all these people who "hate" gays? I have lived on this planet for 45 years. I have yet to meet a human being who hates gays or even wonders of thinks about gays.

  3. Avatar of Joe Han

    I know this comment may be labelled as "discriminatory", but I do really think our gay people, on average (depends on how you define average), are kinder than straight guys. It would be more likely and easy for us to show sympathy to others who have awful or even miserable experiences.

  4. Avatar of alejandro fernandez

    we create our own family . that is so true for many many of us . kinda sad when we already have a family that discard us like a piece of garbage . this must be an old film . did anyone else saw the grace jones album . thats old

  5. Avatar of Luboman411

    I mean, I don't understand why people who do sex work are so demeaned and undervalued by societies. They provide very necessary therapy for people who are clearly hurting emotionally, who are clearly aching for human connection. I'm glad he learned that at his first job.

  6. Avatar of Derek Atkins

    Escorts can be loyal and make good companions when hired out to do their work. Myself have used their services in a respectable way and always found them highly successful in their work.

  7. Avatar of Leanna Kysar-Mercer

    When I heard the word “wives”, I heard him differently from then on. The word “pimp” crossed my mind. Assisting someone to lie and cheat is not cool. My gay brother won’t go there, so he has my respect. Cheating and lying is just not ever cool. Married gay men need nice, honest divorces.

  8. Avatar of Jo jo

    That story about bathing the obese person was not touching, also sociology is garbage… Had he said, they helped or bathed a handicapped old person I would certainly think it touching, as that would be someone who's body was failing due to time… There is little reason to be obese other than devolving/ degenerating from hedonistic lifestyle also there are guys who fetishize obese people and being obese as a way to bond based on hedonism and trauma that often mirrors their own (but you may not register that if you have your innocent blinders on, there are twisted concepts as to why someone would bathe a fat person it's not always out of "the kindness of ones heart"). The gay community needs to start finding ways of transcending and healing from trauma and hedonism instead of economizing, perpetuating and enabling it. The only virtue to the scenario is that parties can at least "cure" the loneliness and the dogma and the stigma that comes with the issues, but you aren't actually fixing the underlying moral, spiritual, mental issues… Finding ways of mitigating stigma and dogma to a problem is not fixing the problem and is promoting a sense of helplessness; affirming a false notion that one cannot (in more cases than not/ to some extent) making whole their broken state so instead learn to live broken with a complementary attitude and continue breaking yourself rather than being grateful and compassionate to the parts that are still good and honor them by treating the entirety of you with reverence- eventually finding wholeness again.

  9. Avatar of David Weber

    I knew someone who was involved with the sex worker business vis-a-vis healthcare services. She told the story of a straight sex worker who was paid $2,000 every month to have a two-hour dinner with a wealthy CEO and just talk – because the CEO said she was the only person who listened and understood him. No sex ever took place.

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