Modern Love Phase 2 Crowd Funding Video

Modern Love Phase 2 Crowd Funding Video

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Check out our crowdfunding campaign at

We’re raising money to shoot the next 2 stories in our anthology feature film, Modern Love. Modern Love is made up of 15 short stories about dating, romance and relationships in contemporary London.

So far we have shot 4 of the stories so far – Without Subtitles, Digital Romance, The One That Got Away and Online. Each story is told in different styles, different genres, different colours.

The 2 stories we are looking to shoot next is A Pregnant Pause and Phonebox. A Pregnant Pause stars Vivien Reid as a business woman who finds out she is pregnant and has to decide if she wants to keep the baby or not. Phonebox stars Dan McSherry as a young man about to call a girl he met to arrange a date, when the battery dies on his phone. Caught out on the street with no charger he has 10 minutes and a phone box to get in touch with the girl or lose her forever.

You can find out more about the film and our crowdfunding campaign at

With your help we will get this film made!

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