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Older Guy, Younger Girl? How Alpha Males Handle The Age Issue When Attracting Young Women

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Let me tell you about one of the biggest nightmares you might encounter as a man trying to establish a connection with a woman while attempting to pick her up.

It starts like this. You are talking to a cute young girl and you can feel the sexual sparks flying. You’ve got a pretty good feeling that she is into you. Then all of a sudden something changes.

You can tell by the look of concern on her face. She starts to ask you a question with a very serious tone. “Just how old are you anyways?”

You aren’t exactly sure how to answer. You know you are quite a bit older than this hot young thing. You respond with your actual age and you can tell that she doesn’t like your answer. “You’re much too old for me. I’m just not into guys that are that much older than me. Sorry.”

Your entire interaction with her abruptly ends. You’re not exactly sure what the right answer would have been. You don’t want to lie about your age. That is just ridiculous and it is too easy to get caught.

Besides that, you know that because of your age you have something much deeper to offer than some young guy who doesn’t know what he is doing in the bedroom. If only you could get her to see things in this light.

Obviously this is a huge kick to your ego, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, when framed the correct way you can flip the switch and increase her desire for you. It’s all in how you handle your response.

If you ever want a chance to get it on with a much younger woman, you need to know how to establish this frame. You need to know how to handle questions about your age.

If you do, you can date women that are much, much younger than yourself.

I am attracted to women that are both older than me and younger than me. But the game is different with the younger women. You have to know how to handle both sides of the age spectrum.

So let me teach you a secret that will help you handle the age objection of any younger girl. This secret will allow you to turn her concern about your age into attraction quickly.

To really grasp the secret and use it to its full advantage you need to understand something important about female psychology and the age issue.

To most guys age just isn’t that much of an issue. In fact, like a good wine men are often viewed as becoming better with age.

But this just isn’t true for women. Society views a woman’s age like a ticking time bomb. Now to be fair, I personally am totally attracted to older women and I find society’s views on a woman’s age to be ridiculous. I’m just saying.

But that just isn’t the way our culture works, unfortunately. To women age is one of the most important aspects of their existence. Two women looks and aging are one in the same.

I’m sure as a man you understand that it is considered rude to ask a woman her age. Have you ever thought about why this is considered to be so rude?

Because women are very self-conscious about their age. They don’t want to admit how old they actually are. When women think about their age they are thinking about a giant clock that is doing nothing but counting down to when they will go from looking hot to not.

And the fact of the matter is there is some truth in why they feel this way. I’m not saying that it is right, I am just saying that it is evolution.

As a woman gets older she knows that her ability to give birth becomes reduced. She knows that as she ages guys just won’t find her as attractive.

Just take a moment and think about how many older female women are really considered sex symbols. The truth is there isn’t a lot. In fact, most the time when you look at an older woman that is still attractive you subconsciously say to yourself “she must have been really hot when she was young.” Sad, but true.

I for one find this attitude disgusting. But unfortunately I don’t represent all of society.

Now take a moment and think about older male sex symbols. Brad Pitt is over 40 years old, and so is George Clooney, yet women still find these guys super attractive.

And the interesting thing is, most women don’t even think about the age of these guys. They’re age just isn’t an issue. They are hot, and their age just isn’t a part of the equation.

So the point you need to take to heart is that when it comes to the issue of age then hold the higher ground. Your age should be a non-issue.

How do I know that your age should be important when interacting with a woman? Because I have had women that were 20 years younger than me choose to sleep with me, cook for me, clean for me, and entertain me.

What you have to understand is that when a woman brings up your age, she is subconsciously worried about her age. When she is busting your chops about how old you are it means she is very self-conscious of how old she is getting.

To put it in simple terms her age is a bigger issue for her than your age is to her.

So let’s get back to how you handle this. Try responding with something like “my age? You’re the one that is much too old for me. You’ve got to be like 88 in chick years.”

Sit back and watch her reaction. She’s going to ask you what you mean by “chick years”.

Tell her that most women hit their peak around 21. By the time women turned 23 they are well on their way into decline. They are heading into old lady territory. This should consider themselves ancient. Ask her if she is already wearing granny panties.

She will most likely respond by laughing. This is the exact response you want. By teasing her you’ve let her know that you are aware of her own insecurities.

This teasing actually demonstrates that you “get her”. And it should put her at ease with you.

When you combine this with the fact that you are teasing her, it sets yourself up as the prize. You have completely re-framed the age issue. And now she will want to prove to you that she is “young.”

This is the perfect path to getting her into your bedroom. She will want to prove to you that she isn’t old and that she still is a lot of fun.

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