Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls

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Pretty Girls is the story of the biggest social challenge facing modern China today: the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor. It is told through the eyes of a young sex worker in Beijing. Aifeng, a migrant worker from Jiangxi province left her home in rural China to work in Beijing. She is struggling to support her entire family and provides for them with the salary she earns in the city. Her two children need to go to school and her older relatives are unable to work. She is making the ultimate sacrifice by leaving them all behind. The film begins during Chinese new year 2008, it is also the run up to the Beijing Olympics. The massage parlour where Aifeng works doubles as a brothel and every day her and the other women sit by the glass front door trying to lure clients inside. As they spend every day trapped inside the shop, outside the cityscape is changing and gearing up for the Olympics. During the Olympic ‘clean up’ brothels around the city are forced to close and the women discover their shop will be shut down. Jobless and unable to afford life in Beijing Aifeng must return home to face an uncertain future.
Directed by Camilla French and Judy Bretschneider

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