Revolt Art Collections ,video credits, Brian Proietti

Revolt Art Collections ,video credits, Brian Proietti

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Revolt Art Collections
what up people? just want to introduce myself. i am an artist and musician and published poet from concord NC! local or world wide. i love all art and music, it is my life.i am a laid back dude who has been round this block we call life a few 20 times or so. i take everything I have ever loved or known and put it into my passion of art and music.
so in this episode. just want to put my work out there. i make and design and assemble my own brand of steam-punk men and women necklaces and steam-punk stash boxes,pallet and wooden,stained art and photo collages of some of the favorite items and people in the world and occasional hats. different styles of steam punk to come, trust me! i am hooked! i also have a few collections like.— hip chains– single chains with pendants and charms hanging from your belt loop or purse. which can be used really anyway you want to use rearview mirror art (if you call it that). this all started with my own “revolt hip chains” wallet style chains for women (men are in the future) and finally. i have a collection of pieces called KOOL4SKOOL backpacks chains for girls or women. (boys not so much, they are a little hard to design for)
so i was just wondering if you could by chance take a moment and check out my facebook artist page and give a like if you want. and maybe share? yeah that would be amazing for this starving young at heart artist. everything i do or make is posted there and available for purchase thru me or on etsy or EBay. thank you so much. it’ll mean the world to me.
yours truly E. cousins AKA Eddie “E-rock Cousins (Revolt hip chains and steam punk fashions)
peace and love and heavy metal

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