Serenity is where you are II

Serenity is where you are II

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Serenity is where you are II

New from [Vile XXX]!


The Chesterfield 3 Piece Sofa

This sofa will be avaible at the ManCave Event on August 17th!
Here is your personal escort to the event:

This sofa make and exceptional addition to the [Vile XXX] – Chesterfield Dominant Chair. Be sure to check out this piece at the Vile Mainstore. SLURL below! You can also check out my Blog on it here:…

Now for the details you’ve been waiting for.

The Chesterfield 3 Piece Sofa comes in three pieces, so you can set them as you might like, make it bigger or smaller etc. Or even create a sofa and a loveseat!

Each piece of the sofa has 58 animations.

10 Single Male Poses

10 Single Female Poses

12 Dominant Poses

9 Cuddle Poses

7 Foreplay Poses

10 Sex Poses

What’s on the HUD:

10 Leather chair back colors

10 Leather chair seat colors

10 Sheet colors

10 Pillow colors

Here is a look at the HUD:

A true High Quality piece. All materials for this sofa have been rendered in an external program. So your computer won’t need to work to render all the textures!

Tha animations were all made by a very talented team called Polymorph.

Polymorph Important Links:

Polymorph Mainstore:

Polymorph Flickr:

[Vile] Important Vile Links:

[Vile] Mainstore:

[Vile] Marketplace:

Don’t forget to Follow Vile on these platforms:

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[Vile] Discord:

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