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The So-called "Vorpostenboote" (V-Boats, Auxilliary Ships) had a very hard life in the german Navy in WW2. Very often converted fishing trawlers, they had to escort warships and merchant vessels, clear paths and defend them. On of them was V1605 (ex-"Mosel"), escorting a tanker close to norway in 1944. after spotted by a british fighter wing, the ships were attacked and sunk.
V1605 tried desperately to defend the Inger Johanne and themselfs, but there was not a bit of a chance. It was sunk with all hands but one, who swam for ours before reaching the coast.
Today, the wreck rests in a max. depth of 51m, with all signs of a fierce battle still show, as the upards pointed gun, displayed in the pic here.

Posted by garrelf on 2016-02-19 09:46:51

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