STRANGEST Places People Have Been CAUGHT Having Sex

STRANGEST Places People Have Been CAUGHT Having Sex

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Sex: you’re probably thinking about it right now. Finding that special someone you want to hook up with can be an amazing feeling. But sometimes, couples can let the moment carry them away.

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21 thoughts on “STRANGEST Places People Have Been CAUGHT Having Sex”

  1. Avatar of Nessa B 👾

    I saw a couple banging many years ago, back when I was in high school. I was departing from the apartment where I used to reside in, refusing to take the elevator and I saw 2 of them in the staircase banging. I just passed by them and laughed so hard once I was outside. 😂

  2. Avatar of luxi ambarta

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  3. Avatar of chloii

    I was at a mall in Mexico,And I saw a couple going hard on a sofa. ( keep in mind there were children there ) . I was disgusted. I'm glad someone got security and got the couple out .

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