The 10 Biggest Cities You've Never Heard Of (Probably)

The 10 Biggest Cities You've Never Heard Of (Probably)

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25 thoughts on “The 10 Biggest Cities You've Never Heard Of (Probably)”

  1. Avatar of lucasvslife

    It's insane to me how most of these cities have a larger population than my entire country. It's hard to grasp how it must be living in a city with so many people.

  2. Avatar of zupermaus

    Chongqing is also the most visually arresting city in China if not the world -built where two rivers and three ranges meet, and absolutely riddled with 3,000 bridges + tunnels, zip lines, monorails, underground cities and cable cars built in and around the undulating land and ciffs. The banks of the rivers are 250-400ft high. Think Rio meets Bladerunner, especially at night when the neon and lightshows come on and the street markets come alive – looked down on by the rest of China for being gritty still, it's loved by foreigners for precisely that Bladerunner feel -and why computer games like Cyberpunk 2077 and the new Hitman series are modelled of or set there.

  3. Avatar of zupermaus

    It's a shame you missed what Nanjing's famous for – history -with a huge amount of old buildings, temples and the longest city wall in existence. Its a Chinese megacity that still looks like ye Olde China, despite a huge skyscraper centre too

  4. Avatar of ruochong ji

    The location of Chongqing marked at twenty-two seconds into the video is incorrect. The location you marked is in Guizhou province, and Chongqing is north of Guizhou.

  5. Avatar of 2014Gaming 5

    My friends made me memorise some of African country capitals, so I have technically heard of Luanda before. Also, I have friends who are from Guangzhou, but otherwise, I don't know much about the other cities (until now)

  6. Avatar of Salex

    Y'all fr gonna skip over Jakarta, the second largest metropolitan area on earth set soon to overtake Tokyo, and is on the literal brink of S i n k i n g ?

  7. Avatar of blank

    Did you really have to put 16745 Chinese cities (got boring quickly)? Pretty sure most people in the West don't know about Dhaka, Karachi, Ahmedabad, Lahore, Bengalore, Kinshasa, Lagos, Kolkata or Hyderabad. You should do a part 2 with South Asian cities and a part 3 with African ones.

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