Welcome To Galmatic

Welcome To Galmatic

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Think of Galmatic as a metaphysical garage, your very own 24/7 go to mechanic just for the girls!

Hands on car care workshops online car care courses, Handbook App for your iPad and weekly ‘how to video’ blog.

You have an intimate relationship with your car, it drives you to the places you need to go, keeps you and your family safe, it doesn’t judge your friends, call you fat or ugly, hurt you, scream at you or ever say no.

You have probably kissed someone in your car (or wanted to) prepared for an interview, driven your newborn home for that very nerve raking first trip, learnt to drive in it, taught your daughter to drive in it and sung many a song in it. ‘Tainted Love’ is my all-time favourite turn up the volume driving song.

But how well do you know your car? Do you trust her? Know her? Understand what she needs? Or maybe your car is a he?

So how can you keep this relationship going when you don’t have that bond you need? You trust your therapist, hairdresser, beautician, local butcher — but now it’s time to get down and dirty and get to know the one man/woman that will never let you down!

Welcome to your Galmatic Garage where we will get you back into the driver’s seat and confident behind the wheel!

Happy Cruising!

Galmatic Founder and Boss Lady

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