What South Asians REALLY Think About Each Other (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc)

What South Asians REALLY Think About Each Other (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc)

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We got South Asians from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to share their reactions to the neighboring countries, do a challenge round and offer their opinions on which South Asian country has better cuisine, sexiest people and their personal favorite. Which South Asian country is your favorite? Comment below!

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0:00 Intro
0:26 What comes to mind when you think of: Pakistan
1:11 Sri Lanka
1:36 India
2:05 Nepal
2:41 Bangladesh
3:21 Trivia Round
6:42 Which country has best food?
8:02 Which country has sexiest people?
9:14 Your favourite?

Alexandra Augustine (directing)
Jason Tojeiro (video)
Oleh Voitovych (editing)

Mohit (India): https://www.instagram.com/mohi_t.o/
Aditi (India): https://www.instagram.com/aditimakhlogaa/
Omair (Pakistan): https://www.instagram.com/omairsh/
Masuma (Pakistan): https://www.instagram.com/mh_mmh7/
Muhib (Bangladesh): https://www.instagram.com/tandoori.masala/
Khalid (Bangladesh): https://www.instagram.com/khalid.hossainn/
Win (SL): https://www.instagram.com/lifeisaboutdistractingyourself/
Kiru (Sri Lanka): https://www.instagram.com/kiruscorner/

Filmed in:
Toronto, Canada


21 thoughts on “What South Asians REALLY Think About Each Other (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc)”

  1. Avatar of Adrita Khan

    Those two Pakistanis are very disrespectful and their passive aggressiveness is out of control.

    And what's up with this ego? Lol.. East Pakistan? Seriously? Still can't get over your ex, huh?
    The rest of the people are pretty chilled and fun to watch.

  2. Avatar of Debo Datta

    The colorism on display especially by the Indian girl was insane lol white worshippers fair skin obsessed anti-black mentality and so open with it too truly disgusting.

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