Woman with a Troubled Past

Woman with a Troubled Past

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Woman with A Troubled Past
Part #7
Campus Series #22
‘Confessions of a Prophet’

Maybe an Older Woman (My Training in Counseling Begins)

a. All alone again, who can I trust to be honest with me?
b. Maybe an older woman would make a good wife
c. Someone who had far more trauma in their life than I
d. God sent the one I asked for whom I respected to a fault
e. All she has been through made me respect her for surviving
1. Raped 3 yrs. old by her Dad as her mother held her down
2. Abused by a number of relatives and step-fathers
3. 1 Step-Dad drowned her 2 yr. old brother in washtub
4. A Step-Dad wrapped her older brother in b-wire beat him
5. All these things happened before she was 10 yrs. old
6. While She birthed her 2nd child a Young Girl was having her 1st child and the Father was My ex’s Husband

So, She Has Kids

a. To say I was naive was an understatement
b. I inherited a 15 yrs. old boy & 13 yrs. old girl I was only 29 yrs. old.
1. Sometime after we were married the challenges increased
2. I learned there were 3 prisoners had escaped and broke-in
3. She was raped by all three Men; Son was 9 also molested
4. Fortunately, her daughter was staying at the grandparents
5. A court appointed counselor was to help; what a joke
c. After we are married a flood of issues rushed over us
1. Moving to a college town was too tempting for the kids
2. He comes walking down the stairs in drag
3. Heavy into drugs we sent her to get straight at a place KS.
4. Call came She is missing and can’t be found She 15 yrs. old
5. After months She is found living with a Cop in KC

Time to Move Again

a. Moved out of the City & away from College to New Bank
1. Boy Executed who Stayed in our Home
b. She’s back home and then gone again never to be seen again
c. He at 17 is working at the Bank then He Flames OUT
d. God speaks $75,000.00 for the local Church
e. I’m busier than ever, 4 Banks, Ins & Developer SC
f. At 36 yr. old I go Back Surgery, 6 mos later Phenomena & IVP
g. Released from Hospital and Resign from my job & Business’s
h. Purchase a Motor-home and Put My Life in the Rear-view Mirror
i. I act of obedience cost me everything; I promised to do whatever He ask for the rest of my life.

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